Executive Team

Juan Manuel Trujillo

Throughout my career I have realized the role played by human resources in every organization is highly significant.

I find particularly important to make proper investments in the leaders of the organization to guarantee their development. Coaching is a truly valuable tool to do so, since it helps executives and teams to trigger their full potential carrying out outstanding work.

In addition to being a certified coach, I have a Master’s degree in International Business Administration, a postgraduate degree in Finance, and a postgraduate degree in Marketing. I have held top-management positions such as Planning Manager, Marketing Director, Commercial Director, Marketing Director for Latin America, and Mexico’s CEO in several International and National organizations. Occupying these positions allowed me to work with leaders and boost their development. I am therefore particularly interested in helping executives to consolidate their professional careers.

Certified Profesional Coach
Program by the Center for Coaching Certification (CCC), accredited by the International Coach Federation (ICF) and the International Association for Continuing Education and Training (IACET).

Co-Active Coach
By the Coaches Training Institute (CTI).


Carlos César Jiménez

For more than 20 years, Carlos César has directly contributed to the training of more than 5,000 people with different profiles: Entrepreneurs, executives, employees, homemakers, and students of different educational levels. He has helped them enhance their communicative and expressive skills in creative ways. He has also been an advisor for public and private organizations committed to the enhancement of their communication and expertise training systems. These tasks have been closely linked to his academic research in language, mathematical logic, and non-verbal communication; his practice as interpreter and translator; and his systematic mind-body inquiries.

He has been a teachers’ trainer, leader and participant of several multidisciplinary research teams. He holds MA and BA degrees in philosophy, has had a rigorous university education in the field of language teaching and certified technical training in the field of digital systems.

Carlos César believes that deepening the understanding and harmonious development of oneself in order to be happier and more productive entails, among other things, the understanding of others and our complex world of life, transformed by science and technology. This can be achieved by drawing on several proven methods and techniques, but innovation is convenient too.

He is an enthusiast of literature, bikes, and contact improvisation. He is also a committed practitioner of hatha yoga and a martial artist certified as black belt by Kukkiwon, Korea.


Patricia Elena Puente Fuentes

+30-year professional experience in Public Relations, Communication and Marketing in : UN-Unicef, automotive industry (Famsa), pharmaceutical industry (IMS Interdata and Apotex),  CANCHAM: Member of Canada’s Chamber of Commerce Council for 4 years; Vice-Chairperson of the Chamber for 2 years; Chairperson of the Communication Committee for 2 years.

Training as coach in Eastern relaxation techniques, mindfulness, emotional intelligence, health and wellness for over 20 years in:

  • Nepal, Thailand, India, Singapore, United States, Austria, Italy, Mexico.

Registered as external trainer. Work-related Stress Reduction Training and Productivity of Workers in the Ministry of Labor and Social Wellbeing.

Regular collaborator in the “Stressed People” section of Diálogo Ejecutivo magazine.


Octavio Magaña

Octavio is a Human Resources professional with more than 15 years of work experience occupying directive and managerial positions in global companies and is expert in talent management and administration, labor relations and organizational improvement processes as well as performancemanagement processes’  at BoM and management levels And management across Latin America. He is a Co-Active coach. Octavio has a BS in Business Administration, and a Master Degree in Human Capital Management

His professional experience includes companies from the renewable energy, petroleum services, manufacturing, financial and automotive sectors as well as having participated as a consultant leading projects of continuous improvement, organizational development and diagnosi’s process; Has made interventions of organizational improvement, Change management and Cultural Transformation projects,  and has implemented Performance and Development Management systems. He has also been a facilitator of teambuilding processes and change management and has coordinated strategic planning projects.  

In addition Octavio has carried out other relevant activities such as the creation of strategy and structure of human resources areas in Mexico, Central America and Latin America; Has provided support and advice on revisions of collective bargaining agreements in manufacturing plants and refineries and has managed to negotiate with active  local unions in refinery, oil wells, manufacturing plants and wind farms.


Luis Roberto Espinoza

Luis Roberto has more than 27 years experience in the management of High Performing Teams, occupying positions of Leadership in International and National Companies, with special emphasis in the development executives, helping them to achieve business objectives through effective Coaching, and development of Leadership competencies.

Luis Roberto has extensive experience in Training and Talent Development. Has been in different Commercial positions, like National Manager and Sales Director. He was awarded as “Generating Agent of Change” in the face of constant challenges companies face to compete.

An extensive experience that has allowed Luis Roberto to develop and consolidate Leadership, Strategic Thinking and Decision Making skills focused on Personal Development.

Co-Active Coach by The Coaches Traininig Institute (CTI)