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Juan Manuel Trujillo

“Certified Professional Coach” by the “Center for Coaching Certification” (CCC) endorsed by the International Coach Federation (ICF) and authorized by the International Association for Continuing Education and Training (IACET)

Co-Active Coach by the Coaches Training Institute (CTI)

Member of The InternaJonal Coach FederaJon, ICF

Emotional Intelligence Assessments Certification , EQ-2.0 (MHS)

He holds a Master’s degree in International Business Administration, a postgraduate degree in Finance, and a postgraduate degree in Marketing.

Throughout a career spanning over 25 years, he has held management positions such as Planning Manager, Commercial Director, Marketing Director for Latin America, and CEO for Mexico in different national and international organizations. Performing these functions allowed him to foster the development of the various leaders and teams he worked with.

Certified Profesional Coach
Por el Center for Coaching Certification (CCC) avalado por la International Coach Federation (ICF) y autorizado por la International Association for Continuing Education and Training (IACET).

Co-Active Coach
Por el Coaches Training Institute (CTI).

Certificación Assessments Inteligencia Emocional (MHS, EQ-2.0)

Miembro de la International Coach Federation, ICF

Patricia Elena Puente Fuentes

For over 30 years she has been a professional in the areas of Public Relations, Communication, and Marketing at UNICEF, the automotive industry (FAMSA), the pharmaceutical industry (IMS Interdata and Apotex), the Canadian Chamber of Commerce (CANCHAM). At CANCHAM she was member of the Board, Vice president for 2 years, and Chair of the Communication Committee for 2 years.

For over 20 years, she has been trained as a coach in Eastern techniques of relaxation, mindfulness, emotional intelligence, health and well- being in:
Nepal, Thailand, India, Singapore, United States, Austria, Italy, Mexico.

She is registered as an external training agent at Mexico’s Ministry of Labor and Social Security (STyPS) in the field of Productivity and Stress Management at Work.

Writer for the magazine “Diálogo Ejecutivo” (Executive Dialog); column “estresados” (Stressed out).


Leticia E. López Vázquez

Leticia Eugenia López Vázquez is a Certified Coach and she has over 20 years of professional experience in national and international companies.

Certified in coaching assisted with horses, AMECAC

Certified in life and executive coaching, Gestalt University

Diploma in International Relations, ITAM

Computing engineer, ITAM

She has developed and implemented leadership, integration, and teamwork programs in companies with sustained results for 3 years.

She has developed several kinds of team building activities, such as assisted coaching with horses, regattas, wines and art.


Maria de los Angeles Castillo

Coach 360º Master Coach Internacional
ICF Certified (Mastering Coaching Skills)
European School of Team Coaching
Diploma in Makeup and Professional Image

BA in Business Administration by ITAM. She has pursued graduate studies in Administration at Harvard University focusing on public speaking, interpersonal skills, teamwork, and marketing.

English and Spanish speaker.





Octavio Magaña Munguía

Octavio is a Human Resources professional with over 15 years of work experience in top management positions in global companies. He is an expert in administration and talent management, labor relations and improvement of organizational processes as well. He has expertise in performance management processes at top management levels in Latin America. He is a co-Active coach. He holds a BA in Business Administration and a Master’s Degree in Human Capital Management.

His professional experience includes companies in the fields of renewable energy, oil, manufacturing, financial, and automotive services. He has also participated as a consultant leading projects of continuous improvement, organizational development and process diagnosis. He has made organizational improvement interventions, Change and Cultural Transformation projects and has implemented Performance and Development Management Systems. He has also coordinated strategic planning projects and has been a team building and change management facilitator.

In addition, Octavio has carried out activities such as the creation of strategy and structure of Human Resources areas in various firms in Mexico, Central America and Latin America. He has provided support and advice on the review of collective labor agreements in manufacturing plants and refineries. He has also manage negotiations with active local unions in refineries, oil wells, manufacturing plants, and wind farms.


Luis Roberto Espinoza

Luis Roberto has over 27 years of experience in the management of High Performance teams. He has held several leadership positions in various International and National Companies emphasizing the development of key personnel to achieve the company’s objectives through effective coaching for the development of leadership skills and competencies.

In addition, Luis Roberto has held positions in Training and Management Development, as well as in Training for the entire organizational structure. He has held responsibilities as National Manager and Sales Director. He was recognized as “Change Generator Agent”, due to the way he has managed the constant challenges faced by companies in order to compete and deal with the changes currently demanded by different markets.

A broad experience has allowed Luis Roberto to develop and consolidate skills such as leadership, strategic thinking, and decision-making focused on the Development of Personnel –a key aspect for the growth of any company.

He is also a co-active coach by the Coaches Training Intitute (CTI)


Carlos César Jiménez

For over 20 years Carlos César has directly contributed to the training of more than 5,000 people with different profiles: Business people, executives, employees, and students of various educational levels. He has helped them improve their abilities to communicate and express themselves in a creative way.

He has also advised organizations on the optimization of their teaching-learning processes and communication of specialized knowledge. These tasks have been closely linked, on the one hand, to his research on languages, mathematical-logic, and non-verbal communication, and on the other, on his systematic mind-body explorations and his professional practice as a translator.

He holds a bachelor’s degree in Philosophy, a master’s degree in Applied Contemporary Philosophy, and currently carries out doctoral research in Philosophy of Science as well. He has been a teacher’s educator, member and leader of several multidisciplinary research teams.

He has also had a rigorous university education in the field of language teaching and certified technical training in the field of digital systems.


Miguel A. Tirado

Over 35 years of professional experience in the business and financial fields.

Advisor in Business Entrepreneurship programs, Project Management and Investment Programs, Valuation of Companies and Corporate Governance.

He has been Chair of the Board of Directors and General Director in two SOFOMES. He has been advisor and Director of Bank Credits.

Public Accountant. Master in Finance. Diplomas in Strategic Management and Administration of Financial and Credit Risks, Administration and Professional Project Management, and Corporate Governance.

Trainer in Finance, formed at ITAM and ITESM.

Professor at UNAM and in more than 10 Educational Institutions at undergraduate and graduate levels in Mexico, Central America and Peru for over 30 years.

Author and co-author of several articles for specialized magazines and books, such as The Working Capital; Models and financial decisions, Financial Crisis of Mexico and the World: a Risk Management Approach, the textbooks Basic, Medium and Advanced Credit.

Cesar Galindo

    • MBA at University of Texas (UT at Austin)
    • Bachelor in Business Administration major in Finance at ITAM
    • Six Sigma CertificationVast experience in Corporate Finance for more than 20 years in executive positions in multinational companies such as CFO and Operations Director. These roles included leadership on business strategic and financial planning, financial valuation of companies, mergers and acquisitions, ERPs migrations and implementations, building effective teams and turn-around of financial processes to stable business operations and sustainable long term profitability of the businesses.