What Makes An Effective Team?

15 August 2020

What Makes An Effective Team? While definitions may vary, an effective work team might be regarded as a group of people who work well together and achieve outstanding results. What does it take to have one? Different approaches take into account tactics such as setting SMART objectives, but people skills are key to generate a proper environment for trust to thrive and ensure cooperation. These skills are sometimes called "soft skills"; in contrast to "hard skills" (or job-specific skills). Research has pointed toward some of the essential skills to achieve effective collaboration. Do you know some of them? Here we have seven, shared by authors Ike Lasaster and Julie Stiles: 1) Self-Connection; 2) Mindful Listening; 3) Making Clear Requests and Agreements; 4) Having Difficult Conversations; 5) Interrupting, when necessary; 6) Giving and Receiving Feedback; 7) Expressing Appreciation. How are the people in your team doing regarding each of these skills?


  • Lasater, Ike. White Paper: What Makes An Effective Team? Learning the Necessary Skills for Successful Collaboration. https://goo.gl/irqYta

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