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Luis Roberto Espinoza

Luis Roberto has over 27 years of experience in the management of High Performance teams.

"In my experience, I have verified over and over again the effectiveness of Executive Coaching to achieve objectives in organizations, but above all for the development of leadership skills and competencies."


  • Co-Active Coach by the Coaches Training Intitute (CTI).
Besides being an executive coach, Luis Roberto has an outstanding performance in top management and executive training. He has actually been responsible for Management
Development and Training for the entire commercial structure of different international and national companies.

While holding positions such as National Sales Manager and Sales Director for some of these firms, he was recognized as a “Change Generator Agent” after coping successfully with the constant challenges of competition and change that different markets currently demand of organizations.

A broad experience has allowed Luis Roberto to develop and consolidate skills such as
leadership, strategic thinking, and decision-making focused on the Development of Personnel
–a key aspect for the growth of any company.


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