Executive Coaching

Leaders are the backbone of any organization, because they multiply organizational effectiveness.

The role of human talent is key for any organization. Thus, investing in the development of company leaders should be a priority. In order to achieve thi s, Executive Coaching is quite a valuable tool. It provides executives and teams with support for the implementation of extraordinary works, detonating their potential


We share guidelines with entrepreneurs so that they can harmoniously detonate their full potential and that of their organizations.

Executive women

We provide female executives with strategies to develop greater expertise in meeting the challenges of the contemporary business environment.

Top management

We support those with great responsibilities and extensive experience to develop the leadership vision that can make a big difference.

Managers in transition

We offer high achievement executives the necessary tools to successfully tackle new challenges.

Mindfulness & performance

The current organizational environment (VUCA. Volatile, Uncertain, Complex And ambiguous) requires organizations to be more creative and execute innovative strategies. Transnational corporations have chosen to implement Executives D chosen to implement Executives Development Programs based on Mindfulness, due to the positive evelopment Programs based on Mindfulness, due to the positive impact on the performance of leaders in their organizations.impact on the performance of leaders in their organizations.

Emotional intelligence


It comprises skills that influence how we perceive and express ourselves, how we develop and maintain social relations, how we face challenges and how we use emotional information in an effective way. Regarding this, BValue provides:

  • A) EQ Leadership Assessment
  • B) Individual and groups EQ Coaching Sessions
  • C) One day workshop course, aimed at Leaders of the Organization
  • Emotional Intelligence (EQ): Generalities, Multiple Intelligences, IQ vs EQ
  • EQ 2.0® Model
  • Individual Results (confidential)
  • Knowledge of Group EQ
  • Practical Cases
  • Interpretation of Individual Results

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