Financial Services

BValueis an independent firm specialized in providing financial valuation and related advisory services to private and public companies and individuals. Our passion for excellence rule everything we do, and we are committed to deliver timely, objective and reliable advice.

Knowing what your business is worth, and why, is the first step to creating value.

Our professional services provide you with intelligence to enable company management, boards of directors, legal counsel, management trustees and other fiduciaries to make informed business decisions to drive long term value creation in the context of:

    • Mergers and acquisitions (M&A)
    • Management information and strategic planning
    • Taxation planning
    • Financing
    • Securitization / collateralization
    • Litigation, dispute resolution and arbitrage
    • Bankruptcy and reorganizatio
    • Corporate governance
    • Regulatory compliance

With BValue you have at your service over twenty-five years of professional experience, critical thinking, technical expertise, and committed client service.

Our work has been reviewed and accepted by the largest accounting, tax and law firms in connection with engagements involving their clients, as well as the major agencies of local and federal government.

Credible and objective valuation plays a critical role in achieving many important financial goals. BValue ensures skills and experience in senior-level attention to its clients from start to finish, resulting in highly reliable advice. The combination of academic and practical experience is at your service to generate a thorough understanding of the value drivers of business interests, tangible and intangible assets, and their interaction to generate cash flows, making a difference in comprehending the operations of businesses and their potential.


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